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Sea To Summit Discipleship Course (DTC) is a three-month summer program that inspires students to have radical faith as they encounter God and learn to make Him known. Your training will take place in New Smyrna Beach, FL, Colorado and then an option of one of 9 regions we are focused on.


Discipleship Training Course exists to help individuals develop a personal, intimate relationship with God, so they can make Him known in the nations. Students will learn to walk in their identity in Christ, as well as how to share the hope of Jesus with the lost. DTS is for anyone who longs to follow Jesus and give Him everything they are. Come see Jesus, yourself, and the world with Christ’s perspective.

Lecture Phase

Our Sea to Summit Discipleship Course will give you a place to discover your God-given passions, as well as the part you were made to play in God’s divine purposes. Lecture phase is filled with new discoveries about yourself, God, and His world. Times of personal devotion and the corporate pursuit of God will give you even more opportunity to encounter His presence, and learn the lessons He is longing to teach you. This school will provoke, challenge, and encourage you to grow in your faith and deepen your friendship with God.

As a part of the DTC you will choose a Focus. You have the opportunity to choose a Focus that matches your interests and calling. See the Focus options listed below!

Outreach Phase

Outreach phase is to focus on applying what you’ve learned during Lectures through a 1 month cross-cultural experience. This time will provide opportunities to boldly evangelize, encourage the local church and persecuted believers, and pray and worship over the nation. Share the testimonies of how Jesus has changed your life as you invite the lost into the same loving relationship with the Father. The mission is to take Christ’s message of hope around the world.

Choose A Focus

Regardless of the focus you choose, all students will remain together for the majority of DTC lectures. DTC Focuses meet one night per week for special activities and teachings, and will take part in a Focus Weekend.


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