This year has not been easy for many people, I can imagine. Sometimes it can be so hard to find peace while living in the storm. On top of Covid and all the craziness that is happening I experienced a great loss in my family, a loss I never thought would happen so soon and at such a young age. I’ve had so many unanswered questions and waves of fear, doubt, and confusion crashing in. Sometimes it becomes unbearable! As great sorrows try to bring me down I have to remind myself to keep my eyes focused on Jesus. As I gaze into His face, He is what keeps me standing. I’m able to continue on with life with the hope and joy He provides.

I have learned that joy is not just something you experience when everything is going great. True joy is there even when you go through the darkest of nights. Joy is connected to a deep relationship with Jesus and it is in His strength that I can choose joy. Hope could not be more important in these times. Losing your vision and losing your hope allows depression to creep in.

I have to keep my hope focused on Jesus.

To be real with my emotions before the Lord and others has been the most rewarding lesson I have ever learned. Through that I’ve learned to let Jesus pick me up when I’m weak. No one has ever been as kind to me as Jesus. He’s always available and always loving!

So, I challenge you to continue to lean in a little closer to His heart. Let Him into your struggles, be real, and don’t hold back. Learn to smile even even when it’s hard, because God is still good! This I have discovered and this I can testify: He has never left me hanging. Alone time with Jesus is the most satisfying and fulfilling thing I can do! Don’t underestimate what the Lord can do. He is the peace in my storm and bad things will happen but God will bring good out of it.

But will we be patient enough to let Him? If not, He is still good.

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