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Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a great adventure of discovering who God is and who He made you to be! There are three months of Lecture Phrase, where you will learn a variety of topics from different speakers. Plus, two months of Outreach, where you travel on a cross-cultural expedition. It’s our heart that YWAM Redding’s Encounter DTS provides a foundation for you to pursue a lifestyle of ministry as the Lord leads. This experience is transforming! If you’ve already done one, you may be wondering, what to do after DTS…

YWAM Redding Has A Few Suggestions For After DTS..

YWAM Redding offers many opportunities for DTS graduates, as we want to set you up for lifelong relationship of intimacy with God. Secondary schools are designed to build off of the knowledge you have gain from DTS. These schools have specific content, so you can chase after the passions God has placed in your heart! Plus, the schedule provides a platform for you to deepen your relationship with Jesus through quiet times, worship and intercession, and ministering in the community.  Without further ado, we present to you our secondary schools. As you read, we encourage you to open your mind to the possibilities of what He wants to do through your life!

School of Frontier Missions (SFM)

This school is designed for those that want to live a life of missions, especially those that want to rise up as a leader. Three months of lecture on the practicalities of having a ministry and hands on application through opportunities to take on roles of responsibility. The process of character growth and skills that come from it are transferable to any career or future ministry endeavors! This school also serves as a prerequisite to becoming a staff member at YWAM Redding.

School of Worship (SOW)

Worship is so important to the Body of Christ. Not only is it important, but there are endless avenues of worshipping God and creativity plays a key part in it. SOW can teach you to go with the creative flow, equip you with the strength and courage it takes to live life through the heart of a worshipper, and explore creative methods of worship!

Transformation Bible School (TBS)

Fall in love with the Word of God through knowledge, revelation, obedience, and transformation in our TBS. This school is perfect for those that have 6 weeks this summer to dedicate to something new! In this school, you will explore creative methods of studying the Bible and be transformed through application of what God says. The Word of God is life giving, and it is just as much alive today as it was when it was spoken! A key part of this journey is being in a community that encourages you in your faith. Join us July 22nd – August 29th for experience of Spirit and Truth.

School of Islamic Studies (SIS)

School of Islamic Studies is for those that want to start discipleship movements in the Muslim world. This is a whole school dedicated to help you understand the culture, history, and beliefs of Islam. From there, you will discover tools for working, living, and teaching in Muslim communities. If you have felt a move of compassion for this people group, we want to equip with the practicalities of seeing your vision through!

Mission Building

This is an option exclusive for those that have completed a DTS. Mission Building is a beautiful opportunity to serve at YWAM Redding as a staff member for up to 3 months without a commitment. You will be welcomed into our family with open arms! Explore a lifestyle of ministry and meet people from all over the world! This is a perfect place to build relationships with people who love the Lord with their heart, mind, and soul. But the benefits don’t stop there!

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We hope that you find this helpful for considering what your next step may be. For more information on any of these options, click below to either fill out an application or get in contact with one of our team members!

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