Hello again, everyone!

We want to thank you again for your support and prayer for all our team is doing in France!

We passed out many more Bibles this week, we preached to so many, and we’ve prayed fervently for this city as we have led people to the Lord Jesus! ūüôā Here is one story from a time of evangelism…

We had just finished performing our dance and preaching the gospel, and I (Samantha) saw a woman walking by us. She seemed to be in a hurry, but I felt the Lord direct me to talk with her. I interrupted her brisk journey and asked if she had just a couple minutes to speak with me. She accepted, and I proceeded to tell her who I am, where I’m from and why I am in Marseille. We ended up conversing for over 30 minutes.

After informing me of her Muslim faith, she began to give her stance of what she believed, but I could quickly tell that her heart was actually hurting…she was sad about what she believed. She thought God was very angry and a murderer, and I began to gently tell her the truth of God’s character – the Gospel.

The love of the One and Only True God profoundly disarmed this sweet woman of her bitterness. She asked me vulnerable questions, fervently seeking Truth, and I gave her answers straight from the Bible. She admitted that she’d stopped believing because¬†of the evil she’s witnessed in the world; she had questioned why God would allow suffering and assumed the God she had been trusting had let her down.

I told her boldly and kindly that the true God is Jesus, and that He is not the same god that Islam claims. She went from a state of anger, intensely backing up her beliefs, to telling me “I want to believe everything you’re sharing with me…I want Jesus in my life. If I believed and followed Jesus, my life would completely change…He loves us!”

She then had to catch her bus, I’m sad to say, so I didn’t get to pray with her. However, this occurrence added even more to the evidence for intense reaping in this city; the people here are so ready for the Gospel.

They are ready for us to proclaim Truth, repentance of sins, and salvation in Jesus!

Though I cannot mention this woman’s name, please pray that she would be saved and would radically follow Jesus, as well as the MANY that we have met in very similar situations!

More stories…

We shared the gospel on a college campus for an entire day. We took part in a children’s ministry, where we teach Bible stories and pray for healing for any of the kids who are hurting (one little girl’s back was healed!), and we also took advantage of a flower market and purchased roses to pass out to women on the street as a tool to share God’s love and the Gospel.

We had numerous people come as close to salvation as possible, so please pray that they would follow through with giving their lives to Jesus completely.

Mariah, a DTS student, also led a couple to salvation in Jesus. After we danced and preached yesterday, a man and woman came up to us and explained to Mariah that they had researched many religions, and they wanted to know why we believe Jesus is the Only True God. She explained the simple Gospel, and they gladly confessed their sins to the Lord, asked for forgiveness, and confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior!!!

The Lord is really doing a great work in Marseille. We’re having a great time together–our team has such beautiful unity!

We’re looking forward to having a full last week of ministry here before we begin to wrap things up and head back to Redding. Please pray that we would reap much more of this harvest and see many more come to know Jesus as Truth!

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