Commentary from our Fall DTS Students…

Our first week here in Fremont has just come to a close, and we already have many stories to tell!

For most on our team, this is their first time doing door to door evangelism, and they are rocking it. We have the privilege of partnering with multiple local churches who are excited about getting involved in reaching out to their communities. Two of them are offering us a place to stay for the duration of our time here, while others are encouraging their members to come out and do evangelism with us. This weekend, we had a huge response from the church where we have been meeting and launching our daily outreaches from. It was such an encouragement to get a large number of reinforcements: 50 people on Saturday and 78 people on Sunday! Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn provided a huge boost for our team!

We offer 3 gifts to every home: a Bible, prayer, and the gift of salvation.

Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and people from many different belief backgrounds are found throughout all of Fremont. All the same, God is moving powerfully inspiring people to have a real hunger for the truth of God and His Word. We do everything we can to encourage people to seek after God and we pray every day for salvation to come to Fremont.

On Saturday, we had two different testimonies of healings! One of our groups met a teenager who had injured her knee badly while playing basketball just an hour before. They asked if they could lay hands on her and pray. She had an awed look on her face when she said with surprise that all the pain in her knee was gone! The group then had the opportunity to share with her a little about Who had just healed her.

In another case, we knocked on a door where a middle-aged Chinese woman would not even open the door completely to us. We gave her a Bible through the crack and after a few minutes of talking she agreed to come out and let us pray for her back pain. We laid hands on her and began to pray. As we prayed, we felt heat flood her back. When we finished and asked her to test it out, she exclaimed that all the pain had left. She was smiling broadly and happily accepted the Jesus film and an invitation to church.


God is moving powerfully inspiring people to have a real hunger for the truth of God and His Word.

Praise God! He is so amazing!

We are stoked that we can be here and see God working in peoples’ lives. Please pray that we will see people fully accept Christ during our next week!

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