We’ve been discussing what it looks like to share your faith openly in the various environments that we’re in on a daily basis. Here we wanted to talk about sharing faith coworkers–this can be tricky, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what role your faith should play at work. We all have the privilege to be a light in our workplaces, but it’s important to know how to utilize the opportunities we have.

No Fear

As we discussed in our last blog about sharing your faith, it’s important to not give into the fear that quiets us. There is always a fine balance, though. No one wants to be that obnoxious co-worker who is always making judgemental and legalistic side comments. We don’t want to force Jesus down the throats of those who we work with. The goal is always connection and friendship.

At the same time, it can be really intimidating when you feel alone if you don’t have any other believing co-workers or if you’re in an environment where you legally can’t share your faith. In situations like this reputation and integrity are everything. A bond of trust is formed when people see that who you are aligns with what you talk about or believe in.

When you’re working unto the Lord and showcasing good character in what you do– people will notice. Your refusal to gossip about others, positive attitudes in the midst of struggles, and honorable work ethic are all things people will notice. Walk out your faith in a real way, and your actions will give credibility to your faith.

On the Table

What we question the most sometimes is how to actually bring the subject of God, the gospel and our faith into the conversation. It’s important to learn how to put God on the table. It doesn’t have to be complicated, awkward, or pushy–speaking about Jesus should come naturally to us. Since He is the biggest, most important part of our lives bringing it up can come easily.

One important thing to consider is that your co-workers should really know from the beginning of where your faith stands. This will definitely make it less awkward than if they were to find out three months later when you offhandedly mention it. This plays a large part in them recognizing your integrity as an individual as well.

There are many ways to casually but confidently share your faith in Christ with your co-workers. When people ask you about your weekend, be honest–tell them about church, or the Bible study you attended. Don’t be afraid to identify publically with Jesus. Showing people how He’s a normal part of your life is a great way to get a conversation rolling.


As mentioned before, an intentional bond and connection is the goal. People need to see that you care about them. It can appear hard to break professional/personal barriers, but persistence is key. Work to establish a relationship beyond the office–try to grab coffee with someone after work or dinner on the weekend.

When people see that you care about them beyond what they do at work, it will automatically give you an opportunity to share openly with them. Creating a relationship where mutual openness is important–this will help you take your conversations beyond shallow topics.

Even in this place, consistency and living with integrity and openness are still essential. Perhaps when you invite co-workers to church they will refuse, but you still have the opportunities to invite them to a movie with your other believing friends or a BBQ with some of your church members. The outward influence that comes through good character and kindness.


Your mindset when it comes to your work atmosphere is everything. Come into your day having prayed for God to increase your care and compassion towards your co-workers. Often it’s easy to think that we only need to seek God’s heart when it comes to mission trips or a specific nation–but our offices and business places are our mission field! Ask The Lord to break your heart for the lost who are closest to you.

Our jobs and career lines give us the opportunity to break into a subculture that other people may not relate to. This is just as important as overseas missions, or inner-city outreaches. You relate to your co-workers in a way that no one else can!

Raise your expectations for what God can do in your workplace! When you are seeking Him on a daily basis you allow Him room to move in every area of your life–including work. Jesus wants to impact people in the “ordinary” office spaces just as much as he does in foreign countries.

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