What language barrier?!

Our students got to share the good news in languages other than English and bridge the gap with people we might not otherwise reach. Two of our team members talked with a man who spoke only Spanish, and learned that his hands were swollen and painful from arthritis. As our Spanish-speaking student held his hands and prayed, she felt his fingers soften, and much of the pain left. When the pair prayed again all the pain left, and they told him how much Jesus loved him. While this was happening, it looked like the cataract in his eye was clearing. The man was so thankful!

A Russian Jewish woman we met in a park talked with some of our group over a couple consecutive days. On the second day, our student who speaks Russian was able to connect with her in a special way. The woman’s heart has been turned against God, skeptical because of her political worldview, but the student encouraged the woman to look for spiritual truth and to ask God to reveal Himself to her.

This Saturday before everyone officially gathered for evangelism, a team member struck up a conversation with a lady in the park. Her intention was just to say “hi,” but the conversation eventually turned toward Jesus. She shared the Gospel and asked the woman if she would want to make Jesus her Lord and Savior. The woman prayed and was saved right on the spot! Such amazing fruit from a short conversation. It’s easy to see that L.A. has been soaked in prayer and intercession leading up to this event.

We invited the entire community to a block party this weekend to dance, hear the gospel, and have free tacos and coffee. We loved sharing the Good News and praying for healing with those who came!

On Saturday, another one of our groups approached three young men in an apartment stairwell to invite them to our block party. The guys began to ask our team loaded questions about what happens when people die. As our group responded, one of the men had tears forming as he heard the truth of the simple gospel. It was even clearer that they were impacted when they gave the group heart-felt thanks for stopping to share with them.

During neighborhood evangelism, some of our team found a girl on crutches who lost the use of her leg in a car accident. She had accepted the fact that the only option doctors have given her is amputation. The team prayed for her leg and saw an increase in mobility! They shared with her that the Lord’s heart was for complete healing. The girl was so touched that she promised to bring friends to the block party.

Praise Jesus for all that has happened and for more to come!

Please pray for our team as some staff and students have been fighting respiratory infections and asthma complications. Also pray for God’s power and love to move on the hearts of the people we encounter on the streets; for revival to break out in L.A., with salvations, signs and wonders. Blessings!

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