Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?”                                                                     – Matthew 6:26

The number one thing to understand before you begin fundraising is that you have the largest support system already on your side. As you sacrificed what you knew to be your everyday norm to follow a word of the Lord to go on a crazy adventure with Jesus, you will find that He is faithful. You are not alone in wondering where to start or how to approach the large sum of money staring at you on your computer screen. Coming from a staff member with YWAM, I still get nervous asking and approaching people. It is part of the process in being stretched in the boldness that the Lord slowly builds inside of us. Hopefully this blog series assists you in understanding how important, rewarding, and biblical support raising is.  

The Levites: Those who were attached

I love that the word “levite” means “attached”. If you read the story of the Levites, they were God’s assistants for the land. They were called to live by nothing but support, and take orders from the King of kings. They were the only ones allowed to go into the Holy Temple. They were called to be the frontrunners, walking in boldness about their faith. They were leaders of the church, appointed by the Lord, Himself, and they gave their lives to stand by His side, “attached”.

The majority of the assumption today is that those in missions are to be living off of bread crumbs, but actually, you reap what you sow. Being in missions, you will soon realize it is a lot of hard work because you’ve answered the call to be a Levite. You responded to be a leader in the spiritual war.

Because the Levites dedicated everything to God, He provided for more than what they needed. He blessed them greatly, knowing their faithfulness and thankfulness. We are Levites. We have laid down everything to follow Jesus, and to think that the Lord won’t come through ten-fold is foolishness. If our Father feeds the birds of the air, how much more precious are we that are winning souls for the kingdom? Remember this when you start to believe that Jesus won’t pull through because He already has.  



Every person in the Bible has a testimony of breakthrough. We watch their stories unfold as they learn to trust the Lord in new beautiful ways. They continue to seek out fulfillment in other things, but as they fail, they realize that the only person that can fully provide for their needs is the one who created all things good.

Within this process, whether they realize it or not, God is already providing. We serve a God of strategy and wisdom. We serve a Creator that loves the lightbulb moments that we have realizing His goodness and His plan that has been in the works all along.

Through, what feels like struggle and a huge leap of faith, He has already been giving you the proper shoes to be able to break your fall as you jump into the water. If you are signing up for DTS and felt a calling to go, chances are you already have what it takes to make this vision become reality. So as you follow with us through this blog series, be encouraged knowing and firmly believing that this is your story of breakthrough the Lord is taking you through. With perseverance and faith, fighting for His promise, He will always do His part.

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