Things went great in South East Asia. We encountered a few set-backs along the way including some items being stolen from a team member and sickness affecting many in our group during the last weeks. But we are happy to tell you we made it through with flying colors and smiles on our faces! 

Week Four

Despite what the enemy used for harm, we dug our heels in and prayed our way through it. During one evangelism time on Week Four, God opened up the door and we ended up meeting a great couple from Canada who were eager to do ministry with us. We were so excited about it!

Our community ministry time was limited that week, but we were able to go on a two-day trip and visit a children’s camp. We ministered to the children and were able to share our testimonies, disciple them and encourage them in their faith. This was a good opportunity and many of the children were encouraged and challenged to evangelize and to not to be afraid of talking to Muslims about Jesus.


Week Five

This week went off with a bang, and our new Canadian friends joined us for evangelism. They have lived in Indonesia for eight years and have set up some great ministries. The wife is actually a local-born Southeast Asian, and on week five they took us to the village she grew up in. There we were able to set up the Jesus film twice.

We showed the Jesus film with a solar-powered backpack containing a projector, screen, and speakers. That portable backpack includes the full movie from creation to Jesus dying on the cross. Showing this film opens some great ministry opportunities. The Jesus film is in over 1400 different languages, so we had no problem targeting our audience.
The village was small enough that we were able to invite everyone to come watch, and the crowd grew as we watched the movie. The film clearly communicates the message of the gospel and gives an invitation to them to receive Christ into their heart. At first we found it a bit difficult not speaking the local language and it didn’t look like many people were responding. But the following day our host came and told us that many people had started asking her questions and were showing much interest in Jesus. Hallelujah! His word never returns void!

Many had heard of Christ but did not have much knowledge or understanding of Christ as their Savior, so we spent two days in the village ministering and discipling people. It was a fun and challenging experience, considering this village had no toilets and the nearest store is a long bus ride away on a bumpy dirt road. It was an honor to bring the whole gospel to this village. When we left, they had a much better understanding of who Christ is and the price He paid for them at the cross.  

We wrapped it up in that village and then ventured on the last days of our trek. We wrapped things up with a two day crusade in villages with a high concentration of Muslim people. God moved those nights and we were able to reach many people with the Gospel. 

Thank you for all your prayers. They have been such an encouragement during this journey.

Taking a look at the past 10 weeks we have ministered to over 5,000 people, seen people give their hearts to Jesus, and many have been touched by God’s love. Please pray that the the seed of the Gospel will continue to grow deep within the hearts of each person.

Blessings from team Southeast Asia! 

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