This last 2 weeks about 50 of us from YWAM Redding took to the streets of Fremont, California for an outreach we started called Fremont For Jesus.  Our days consisted of Worship, Prayer and teaching in the mornings and heading out in the afternoons for DOOR to DOOR EVANGELISM and Bible distribution. We have been answering a mandate from the Lord to put a bible in every home in the city.
We were able to reach out to over 7,500 homes and saw more than 40 miraculous healings and 14 salvations in an ethnically diverse area home to the largest Afghan population in America. The gospel is good news!  And hearts are turning to the Father!  Our Discipleship Training School students had so much breakthrough these past two weeks in preaching the gospel.

If you want to break fear of man, there is no better way than to go knock on someone’s door and be ready in season or not to present Jesus to them.  
We have been getting addicted to obeying Jesus no matter how we feel, or what is en vogue.  Simple obedience these past two weeks has been changing a city.

How do you knock on strangers doors and not be seen as another salesman or weird religious person wasting their precious time?

Our biggest breakthroughs have been…
1) Realizing the gospel is good news!  What we are offering them is amazing, and unlike anything they will ever encounter in this world.  If you actually get that revelation and share it accordingly trust me it will go different than what you expect, because Jesus really does change everything.  That is not wishful thinking it is the gospel.
2) It is only as awkward as you make it.  Our culture might say talking about Jesus to a stranger is weird or worse offensive. If you believe that and invite that mindset, it will be. We live by a different culture and rule than that of the day. We are actually called to change culture and bring a better culture to Earth.  If you treat talking about Jesus as the most normal thing, and not just normal but necessary thing, YOU can change a person’s perception in one encounter and potentially for the entirety of their life.  How…?

Because we have a secret weapon Jesus himself to validate this truth.  And he is really good at convincing people through the power of his spirit that he came to save the world not condemn it. 

Read some RADICAL testimonies from the last two weeks below!

“We were going door to door with Cameron and Tyler and we came to this house with two boys playing outside. One was sitting on the porch and the other was playing basketball. We approached them and struck up a conversation with them—we asked them how they were doing and eventually led the conversation into an explanation of the Gospel.

We each got to tell them about how Jesus had come into our lives and everything that he has done in our lives and the blessings he’s graced us with.

I personally got to touch on how even though I’ve had some major losses in my life, there is still just something in me that gives me peace and security. I know whose I am—I know who I belong to. When we were explaining the Gospel we also mentioned some of the miracles that Jesus did when he was on earth, we asked the who kids what they thought of it and they said, ‘it sounds really supernatural!’ and we said, ‘it is!’

Then Tyler asked a deep question: he asked, ‘do you know anyone that would die for you?’ They responded no, and we said, ‘Jesus did that for you—and he wants to have a personal relationship with you.’

After that we asked them if they wanted to accept Jesus into their lives and they said ‘yes!’ We prayed with each of them and were able to bless both of them with a Bible, a Jesus Film connection card.”
– Allison (Current Outreach DTS student)

God always challenges us in what He can do. It never is out of our own strength, but it is God who moves and speaks in such loud ways. Read this testimony about a C-R-A-Z-Y word of knowledge through one of our DTS students during door to door ministry. This should be our ‘normal’.

“A couple of girls and I went door to door asking people if they needed prayer and giving them Jesus Films if they were interested in it. We came to this one door and this older lady answered it who spoke broken English. I got to show her the film and she was VERY excited to see that it was in Mandarin. She believed in some sort of God but wasn’t sure who to follow yet.

Right before she closed the door, I felt led to ask her if she had a brother. I wasn’t sure why God showed me this information about the woman standing in front of me but I just went for it.

She hesitated and then said she had a brother who died a couple of years ago. Clearly this woman was still heartbroken about it and her eyes were tearing up. I got to encourage her that God sees her family and wants to bring healing to her and I got to pray for her! She was so joyous and I could tell that something had shifted and that she might just give her life to Jesus that day!” –
Olivia (Current Outreach DTS student)

Thanks for reading! Tune back in for more outreach testimony updates!

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