Halal Festival, Door to Door and a Ton of Salvations!

We are on our fourth week of outreach in Fremont, California! God has been doing some incredible things.  Our team, as a whole, has seen around 40 salvations in the last four weeks, and multiple people have been healed! It has been an amazing experience to watch God come and bring breakthrough in people’s hearts.

This week, we have had the privilege of going to the Halal festival in Fremont, California. It was one of the most rewarding experiences that we have had down here. Mariah, Enoch, Kelly, Allan and Sam all performed the dance that they have been working hard on during  DTS! After drawing a significant audience, our students, staff, and guest shared their testimonies, passionately illustrating the ways in which Jesus has transformed their lives.

As an added bonus, God blessed our team that night with free tickets to a San Jose Giants game, a much appreciated break.

Now, we get to the best part: testimonies!
During the Halal festival, Gina, a staff member with our outreach partner, Convergence House of Prayer, experienced a profoundly personal moment with three Persian women.

She and a few other participants decided to stand beyond the doors of the Halal festival and hand out free water and Bibles. There was a group of three women who approached Gina to see what was going on, a perfect opportunity for her to offer free water, both physically and spiritually.  She then felt led to ask the women if any of them needed healing. Turns out, all three of them were experiencing physical ailments, and each of the women promised to come to the healing rooms and the prayer house later that week. While they didn’t give their lives to Jesus in the moment, all three of these precious individuals are intently open to hearing the full truth of the Gospel.

We have also been continuing our door to door evangelism, and I would love to share this testimony with you as well! We have two community members that have been joining us for evangelism almost daily named Lidia and Doug. The other day they had an encounter with a young Native American man who said that he knew Christ and had been baptized but Lidia had a sense that this man needed more. So she asked him if he needed more of the Holy Spirit, so they both received permission to pray and this man had such a strong encounter with the Lord that he ended up falling forward on top of them under the power of the Holy Spirit. This man knew about Jesus but he was finally brought into the fullness of who God is and was baptized in the Holy Spirit!

One last testimony…

Two members of our staff, Susanna and Meghan, went out to evangelism late at night, after a long day of planning, leaving only about an hour to go out and share the Gospel. After praying about which house to approach, they met a young man named Fred who formerly served in the military. Susanna asked if he had ever heard the full Gospel of Jesus; he said no. Susanna then shared a brief overview of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

Meghan received a word of knowledge that he was a good dad to his daughter, and that his love for his daughter was nothing compared to the Love that God has for us. After that, Susanna asked Fred if he would like to give his life to Jesus. He responded positively, the only hindrance being the desire to have his family with him in the moment, a hindrance the Lord quickly overcame, beckoning Fred into salvation.

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