More salvations and encounters at the Festival of Globe!

This weekend, our team attended an Indian cultural festival to do worship, hand out materials, pray for people, and talk to them about Jesus!

The first day (Saturday) our DTS students, Allan, Enoch, Kelly, and Mariah, had the opportunity to perform a dance they had prepared on stage at the fest. This was a miracle in and of itself, as teams usually have to sign up to perform weeks in advance. They did an amazing job and after the performance had people running up to them asking about the dance. They had the opportunity to then share about Jesus with these people and pass out Bibles to many of those who watched.

During this time the rest of our team, and members of the community, were out engaging with others and many people received Bibles, Jesus films, heard the Gospel, and were open to and thankful for prayer!

The responses that we had were so good that we decided to go back Sunday. And it was good that we did! On Sunday our team members Susanna and Mariah had the privilege of leading a woman to the Lord!When they met her, they asked if she had heard the Gospel and she said that she had not. Susanna shared the story with her so well. From creation to the fall and our need for a savior, to God’s plan for redemption through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus! We can often get caught up in debating with people, or are hesitant to share the Gospel because we want to avoid debate, but the significance and simplicity of what Jesus has done is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, and is made known to them as true through the assurance given them by the Holy Spirit. They then shared with her afterwards that all of heaven was now rejoicing at her salvation!

Even on our off days God often brings us into encouraging encounters. Yesterday we decided to take a trip down to Santa Cruz to go to the beach and enjoy a day of fun with one another. On our way we needed to stop at the gas station and while Sophia was inside she felt led to go pray for the man who was working there. She asked him if he knew who his Father was; not his dad on earth but his spiritual Father. He said no so she went on to share the Gospel with him. As she was talking with him she felt that he had pain in his right ankle. When she asked him about it he confirmed that it was true and allowed her to pray for it. After she prayed she asked him to test it out. As he did, a huge smile spread across his face as he realized that all the pain was gone! She told him that it was Jesus who had healed him and got to pray again for him. He didn’t receive the Lord in that moment, but we know that God is going to continue to pursue his heart and use this powerful encounter.

Whether it is door to door evangelism, at a festival, or just on a fun day we are honored and excited to share God’s love and Jesus’ worthiness with the people around us. And we are thankful for your prayers as you continue to partner with us in all that the Lord does. To Him be the glory!

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