A few nights ago my team felt heavily that we were to go out and simply worship Jesus. So we went to a popular area for refugees to hangout and didn’t find anyone. It was raining and it was cold and late. In all honesty I just wanted to go to bed and call it an early night.

Yet we decided to go into the Metro and worship Jesus.

As we began it started really slow and people laughed and pointed at us as we worshipped, and I just wanted to give up and head home.

But there was a slight tug at my heart. I realized that the circumstances surrounding me were influencing the faith I carried and not vice versa. So I steeled myself and said regardless of whether I get kicked out or laughed at I want to give Jesus everything. We began to worship, and praise Jesus because He is so beautiful and for no other reason.

Suddenly people stopped and interacted with us. Suddenly the laughter ceased and the gazing began to center around our passionate affection for Jesus and not how “silly” we might look. We looked like people who were possessed by love. Not people seeking attention. After 25 minutes or so security asked us to leave. So we walked right outside and sat at a bench and continued worshipping Jesus. 

To our left were 3 men from Pakistan. They all had insanely difficult journeys to Athens. My team leader and I started talking to them about Jesus. We got a word of knowledge for lower back pain and for hopelessness and depression, so we asked first about the pain. The guy in the middle said he had a lot of pain in his back, so we prayed for his back and the pain left.

Then we spoke prophetically into the other man and prayed for hopelessness to be broken off of him. He told us he felt so much peace and relaxation. We got words of knowledge for the other man’s sisters and family in Pakistan and just saw that Jesus was protecting them.

It was awesome to see how Jesus moving in their lives was not dependent upon their belief in who He really was, but rather His goodness and kindness towards them.

We left them with a Bible and they left encouraged, healed and hopeful for the future.

It was an awesome moment to advance Jesus’ name and what He is really like to His children.

Radical worship and affection for Jesus is its own goal and end, but I have found that when you worship Him with zero agenda, He comes and His love pierces hearts and draws His children together in power. He is so good.

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