Original Roots

Going back to the roots of our original design can seem exhausting. We are all born into sinful nature, and allowing our spirit to move against our emotional habits is not a simple thing. Though it feels as though you are dragging your feet as the Lord carries you at times, this is one of the most beautiful things to experience with our Father. When we come to a place of vulnerability and openness with Him, He sees this as a glorious opportunity to create in us a new heart filled with His love and wonders.


Reflection of Jesus

Through this experience we quickly find the things that makes us different from everyone else. Then we begin to dwell in this place instead of walking it out confidently. We all know someone with a certain quirk that does not fit together easily with ours, but we need to remember that we are a community by design, not just a random collection of people.

Unity does not automatically appear one day out of a hopefulness that someone else will change or shift their thinking. Unity begins with each of us.

It begins with digging into the heart and original design of who we all were created to be: a reflection of Jesus. God created His children so that we may be here as encouragers and lovers of each other as well as of Him. He desires for us to walk side-by-side in harmony, following the music of His voice.

Though we all know that this isn’t always the case.

We all have different seams we’ve been sewed with. The differences that we point out so often don’t stop with our physical appearances and character traits, but continue with who we surround ourselves with and what we allow to stick in our minds. Different cultures come into play and a lot of times our personal preferences don’t match up with each other.

But let’s take a moment and see what would happen if we didn’t focus on our differences and rather looked at what unites us. When we take a step back and humble our thoughts, we realize that the most beautiful creation the Lord has ever made is each human being with whom we interact. The Lord created us in His image, and He is the most beautiful being there ever was and is to come. There is no other such unity that could be more powerful than among those who, having been given authority through Jesus Christ, come together to work as one body in spite of anything else.

Every community is going to have it’s own personality and quirks, but that’s what creates the freedom of walking in our differences and the beauty of bringing together originality, because in that place we will find the complete original design of our Creator.

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