Hello everyone! We have been enjoying Lebanon so very much! Thank you for all the prayers, we sure can feel them. We have seen quite a bit while in the camps as well as right outside of our apartment. The people are so hospitable here. We’ll share some stories from both in the camps and in our neighborhood.

Let’s get to it:

On Sunday we went to a little market of sorts. Our word for the day was Worship, so we took the guitar down and decided to worship on the streets. A man who was running a stand called us over and invited us to come into the shade and continue playing.

We were able to meet and encourage a bunch of Christians, as well as share the gospel with a few Muslims. When we were on our way back to the apartment, a few of us ran into a group of middle school and high school students. One of the boys in the group had a cast on and we asked if we could pray for him. When we did, all the pain left! Thank you Jesus! A few of the girls wanted prayer and we were able to pray with them as well. They said that they felt good and overall peaceful.

And now onto the camps:

Some of the girls have had the opportunity to teach English in a camp for the refugees and are absolutely loving it! The children are so receptive to us being there. The wife of the leader asked us if we could pray for her stomach and the pain went down. Though 100% healing was not immediate, we know it’s only a matter of time before she’s completely healed. It will be so hard to leave when the time comes to head back to the states.

In another camp, we have been able to distribute clothes and other items. This has open the door to some home visits.

Jesus has told us time and time again to release joy. It’s sometimes hard when all you feel is the oppression and the distress of the people there, but Jesus is so much bigger than all of that. Left and right we have seen depression fall off and joy take its place.

Take for instance Mjad, who is 7 and has been in Lebanon for 3 yrs. He had constant chest pain and shortness of breath, but we were able to pray for him and watch as the Holy Spirit fell on him. His whole posture changed and he wasn’t even able to speak because he was filled with such peace! He just smiled and slowly nodded to answer our questions.

The following day a Christian Egyptian doctor and his son joined our group. The doctor went into the home to check out Mjad, and decided he was able to cut his medication in half! Now, a few days later, he still has no pain. God is good!

Stories like these are running rapid through the camps and are happening left and right. Knees, heads, hands, feet, and most importantly, hearts, have been healed. When people are met by the love of the Father, it changes everything.

We love you all.

Until next time,

YWAM Redding Outreach

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