He is Worthy of it All

A few weeks ago, The Lord started doing a work in my heart in regards to simple adoration. I’ve been wanting to truly feel connected with the lyrics that I was singing in worship. I remember praying for The Lord to give me a deeper revelation of the things I was singing. Those little-whispered prayers can turn into a revelation that leaves a long-lasting impact on your life. God is funny like that.

The Lord used this desire to connect with Him in a deeper way. He ended up filling me with a realization that left me standing in complete, speechless awe of Him. I started having such deep revelations of how worthy Christ is. I’ve always known how worth He is–obviously. However, I began to have a new understanding of the depths of His Holiness. He showed me how truly worthy He is. He’s worthy, not just because of everything that I’ve witnessed Him do in my life and the lives of those around me–but simply because He is God. He deserves my highest praise because He is the All-Knowing Creator of the Universe.

This seems like such a simple, obvious thing, but God floored me with the depths of revelation over who He is and how much honor He deserves. I’m here serving at a YWAM base because I know that He is worth everything that I am, even my very last breath. My highest form of worship and praise is to give Him my entire life–so here I am.

My Closest Friend

I’ve been walking through this season of new depths of love for Jesus for a while, but recently I listened to a podcast that shifted things even more for me. I listened to a short message from Bill Johnson where he was talking about coming to God with no agenda. There is something different that happens when we stop only coming to The Lord when we need something. Of course, He is our good Father, Abba. He loves to listen to us, and He’s always there in our times of need. He is our Comforter, Provider, and Healer; He will always play those roles. However, He is also a dear friend–and it should be our greatest joy to simply come to Him to spend time in His presence.

I felt The Lord challenging me to try something new. I felt that for two weeks I should not “ask” God for anything in my prayers. Unless I was praying for someone else, I would only lift up prayers of thanksgiving and praise. Not because it’s wrong to ask God for things, but because there was something I knew He wanted to teach me.  

New Perspectives

I honestly didn’t expect to have that many struggles when it came to only thanking God for two weeks. It took me a little by surprise because it made me realize how often I just spend time asking God for things. Not even necessarily in a needy way, I just talk about myself a lot with God–and you can’t really have a good relationship with anyone when you do that.

I started turning all of my requests and desires into praises. I saw Him provide for me in the sweetest way, even when I didn’t ask for it. I began to appreciate my time with Him more, and it left more space for me to just listen. I started to just simply say “God I just want to know You; to know who You are, what You like, what You want, and how You work.” That is what true intimacy with The Lord looks like, knowing God on a deeper level. Voiding yourself of your own intentions, thoughts, and desires by letting Jesus take over everything that you are will take you to new depths with Him. When you do this the only response you’re really capable of is one of thanksgiving. This taught me a deeper level of humility as well as vulnerability. God taught me a lot during these two weeks, and I think that the way I pray and spend time with The Lord will forever be impacted. 

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