One of our current outreach teams is in South Asia, despite some political unrest in the area, they have been able share the Gospel and minister to many people! Here is a testimony that we received from them about a week ago!

“Hello from Asia! It has been amazing journey over the course of the past several weeks here. We wanted to take a moment and give you all an update. God has been doing so much in the hearts and lives of the people! The door has swung wide open for us to go into areas that have not heard the gospel before.

In our first week here we held three nights of open air healing and evangelism meetings. During this time we had the opportunity to see the gospel preached with power and encouraged the persecuted church who were also in attendance. On the first night a lady who was partially blind and deaf came up for prayer had her vision and hearing completely restored! She already had made a decision for Jesus and was elated and thankful that the Lord healed her. At the closing of the week the team co-led a children’s camp with the Gospel Movement Church for all the local children from various churches in the area.

During this past week of ministry the team has visited remote Hindu & Muslim villages that had either been partially reached in the past and some that had not been reached at all! The team shared their testimonies, prayed for the sick, and preaching the gospel.

One day, a Muslim lady had walked 6 miles one way because she had heard that Jesus was healing people.

She had suffering from back and leg pain for some time and Jesus healed her after a team member prayed for her. The student explained the gospel through a translator and the woman made a decision to follow Jesus in that moment! Our ministry partners are now working with her to begin discipleship, lead her through baptism, and walking with her through the process of publicly converting from Islam.

There are so many testimonies like this one that have come out of the doors Jesus has opened here! Conservatively, we have seen 50 decisions for Jesus and over 120 people miraculously healed!”

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