Doing a discipleship training school (DTS) with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) is a beautiful, life-changing, transformative experience. When you are willing to set aside five months of your life to focus wholeheartedly on passionate pursuit of Jesus and outreach to the nations, God will do more in and through you than you could even imagine. You will live in an amazing community, encounter Jesus in powerful ways, and receive direction for what the Lord is calling you into. This blog will share all of the reasons why you should do your DTS here at YWAM Redding!

Reason #1 to Do Your DTS at YWAM Redding: Culture of Revival

YWAM Redding has a culture of revival that is absolutely beautiful. If you do your DTS here, you will be surrounded by radical lovers of Jesus who are willing to lay down their lives to go to the hardest and darkest places. Every single person here passionately loves Jesus, and lives that out in ways that the world may see as extreme, but that the Bible calls normal Christianity. One of the core values of YWAM Redding is the importance of prayer and worship in missions. We recently started a house of prayer where DTS students and staff come throughout the day to worship Jesus and pray for the nations. Not only does YWAM Redding chase after the nations, but there is such hunger for pure intimacy with Jesus. 

As part of this culture of revival, YWAM Redding cultivates an atmosphere of passionate worship. The worship here has led so many students and staff into beautiful encounters with God. Holy Spirit’s presence is so tangible at this base because there is such openness and expectation here for encounter. When you do your DTS at YWAM Redding, expect to encounter the Lord in a way that will leave you forever changed!

Reason #2 To Do Your DTS at YWAM Redding: Vibrant, Joy-Filled Community

One of YWAM’s core values is living in community, and the community at YWAM Redding is vibrant and joy-filled. There have been so many times that I have been simply going throughout my day and have received multiple words of encouragement. Also, there is such a culture of honor here. Each DTS student and staff member is empowered to walk in the fullness of who God created them to be. Throughout my time here doing DTS, I have consistently felt such love and encouragement from everyone at this base. Finally, be prepared for people to ask you what your love languages are because they want to love you well! YWAM Redding is such a beautiful and life-changing place to be, and one of the main reasons why is the community.

Reason #3 To Do Your DTS at YWAM Redding: Life Transformation Through Encounter

As mentioned earlier, the atmosphere here is ripe for beautiful encounters with the Lord. The life transformation that you experience during DTS will happen because of hearing God’s voice and going deeper in intimacy with Him. If you choose to come to YWAM Redding for DTS, be prepared to encounter the Lord in beautiful, powerful, and supernatural ways. God will transform you in this community of radical lovers of Jesus with a burning passion to go to the darkest places. You will continually experience His relentless pursuit of your heart through both staff and DTS students. Finally, after three months of powerful teaching, your eyes will be opened to see Jesus and the Gospel more clearly than ever before. 

If you are seeking deeper intimacy with the Lord, guidance for your life, beautiful community, and powerful encounters with God’s love, come do a DTS at YWAM Redding! Whether you feel called to missions or just want more of Jesus, there is a place for you here. There is so much that the Lord is doing in and through our base, and we would love to have you come and be a part of it!

To find out more about DTS and how to apply, go HERE

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