“5 Thing I Learned During the First 5 Weeks of my DTS” | Student Blog

“5 Thing I Learned During the First 5 Weeks of my DTS” | Student Blog

1. There is Beauty in Community

As a nineteen year old girl who grew up with five brothers, I was challenged with the idea of living with twenty plus girls in a community house. I came to God with my fears asking questions “God, what if I don’t get along with anyone here? What if I don’t make any friends?” He replied, “But what if you do?”

Before my DTS started I thought of my classmates as ‘different’; unable to connect and relate to them because of their differences. At least that was the fear I had, but since starting my DTS in July I’ve been challenged with the idea that God has created me and the people around me to relate, to connect and to build beautiful relationship with each other. Despite our different cultures, despite our different personalities or church backgrounds, we all have one thing in common. We are completely infatuated and radically in love with the King of Kings!

Something that helped me at the start of DTS was remembering that God had placed me and my peers there for a specific purpose. The people I’ve met here I know I will be friends with for a lifetime. God asked me to take the first step of faith and in my obedience came blessing! And what a blessing have my fellow DTS classmates and friends been!

2. Vulnerability Brings Freedom

During our third week in DTS our weekly topic was Openness and Brokenness. This week is a beautiful time to take five days to go deeper with God into the things that have hurt you in your past. It is a time to be vulnerable with the people in your class. We took time sharing and understanding any lies misconceptions we were believing about Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I know what you are thinking because I was thinking the same things: “to uncover and openly confess burdens and hurts from your youth is scary and painful and I don’t want to do it”. Yes– it was hard, but also–yes, it led me into a beautiful encounter with the Lord. I’ve learned that God is so so gentle and He desires to hold you and comfort you in the midst of your mess. Through the process of inner healing, God didn’t just take away the pain I had but He will replaced it with hope, love, joy and FREEDOM.

Openness and brokenness has been my favorite week so far because I was able to address hurts and disappointments in my life that I was never aware of, and as a result I was able to walk in deeper freedom and intimacy with The Father. There is nothing more freeing than giving up the things that are hindering you from getting to know who God really is. God wants us to be vulnerable with Him, and the people around us, so that He can take our hand and lead us from Glory to Glory and we can walk in our true identity.

3. The True Power of Worship

Before I came to YWAM I was battling with the question, ‘What causes powerful worship?’ As I entered into a new season at DTS God quickly answered this question. He revealed that worship has everything to do with the posture of your heart. It isn’t depended on talent or a big stage.

Walking into the first night of corporate worship here at YWAM Redding I had no idea what to expect. I made my way into the sanctuary where about 50 people were gathered–the music started and all of a sudden my focus shifted. The presence of God was so present in the room and it demanded my complete and total attention– I grew silent in awe and reverence of his His utter nearness. I learned quickly that powerful worship isn’t about an outward appearance–how you move or what you say.

DTS has shown me that it is okay to worship in our own way, God does not look at how high I raise my hands, He looks at the openness of my heart. Worship isn’t about what the person next to me is doing, and there’s no reason to compare. It’s a time when Jesus and I get to have an intimate connection; it’s about expressing my love toward Him.

DTS is such a unique period of your life where you are constantly surrounded by people who adore The Father and are consumed by their love for God. People here are hungry to worship Him, and I am eager to continue in this season and burn for the Lord right alongside them. I have learned to let my heart burn and be motivated by His love and to let go of outward appearance. This is what creates powerful worship.

4. God is my Ultimate Provider

A major area of doing a DTS is raising the finances for your tuition and outreach phase. I had a mindset that I needed to work and provide all my money for my school before my DTS started. This was not only untrue but through this mindset I was also hindering the Lord from showing up in my life as my ultimate Provider. I wasn’t trusting God fully with my finances.

I held on tight to my money instead of giving God the opportunity to show me that I could trust Him with everything, including my finances. By the first week I found myself in need of finances for my outreach. It was definitely ordained by God to be done this way because it put me in a position to give God the role as my only source of provision. God has shown me that He will always come through, He is faithful in all things! Not only did He provide the amount I needed, He provide an abundance! God takes care of us when we let Him!

A big way God provides is through the generosity of others around you. I’ve learned to humble myself enough to ask people to help contribute towards my call to YWAM and although it can be hard to ask others for money, having faith in the Lord to provide is an essential part of mission work.

Relying on Jesus in this way not only benefited my finances and grew my relationships but it inspired me to be more generous with everything that I have! I know that the money I’m given is not my own, it belongs to the Lord. The Father loves providing for His children and one of the biggest mistakes we can make is hindering Him from pouring out His goodness over each part of our lives.

5. God Speaks to Me

One of the most common topics talked about in YWAM is hearing God’s voice. Growing up the idea of hearing God’s voice was not an unfamiliar to me. However, I still struggled with knowing if I was truly hearing from the Lord or if it was my own thoughts.

Something I’ve learned going into my DTS is that the more you know the character of God, the easier it is to distinguish His voice. The more you pursue the presence of God the more your ears will open up to His voice. It becomes easier to discern the Lord’s voice versus your own thoughts or words from the enemy.

When you know who God is–His character and nature–you will know if you are hearing something that goes against who His Word declares him to be. Since starting my DTS, I’ve grown confidently in my ability to hear God’s voice and I discovered that I can hear His voice more clearly than I ever thought I could.

When you accept Jesus into your heart the Holy Spirit comes and dwells within you–this, along with God’s Word is your source of comfort, peace, and wisdom in every situation. John 10: 27-28 says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” What a promise! Never underestimate the desire of the Father to speak clearly to you. Have confidence as a child of God that you know His voice better than you think.

What is the Lord teaching you in your current season? Are these areas that you want to grow in? Have you considered dedicating a season to fully commit to the Lord? Come join us here at YWAM Redding for your Discipleship Training School! Click here to get redirected to our DTS page for more information!

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Millennials and the Mission Field: Why They Are a Match Made in Heaven

Millennials and the Mission Field: Why They Are a Match Made in Heaven

“What? You’re only 20?”

“We think it would make sense for you to go to college first, and then do what God has put on your heart.”

“You’re just in a ‘Jesus phase’ right now. You’ll grow up and calm down.”

“Maybe it would be good to go to college, just in case. Get your associate’s degree for some job security.”

These are all responses I have received after telling people that I became a missionary directly after I graduated high school. These responses are from some of my best friends and closest family members. It confused me why the people closest to me wanted to stop me from doing the thing I knew I was made for. Don’t get me wrong: I am not sharing these responses to say that their reasons and opinions do not matter. Neither am I sharing them to bring condemnation to their ideas or bring disunity.

I want to talk about this topic because young people from my generation are called to the mission field, and need to be liberated to do what God is telling them to do! There is so much talk about millennials and who they are negatively and positively, and I don’t want this post to add to that noise. I want to speak God’s redemption over young people, shine a light on what the Lord has made them for, and call them forth to be released into the things they are supposed to do with their lives.

God is on His toes in anticipation to release 18-year-olds into the mission field. Is our church ready?

The Lord is ready to send 20-year-olds to dangerous nations. Are our parents ready?

Jesus is calling young worshipers and leaders to be the voice of the church. Are our elders ready?

The more and more I train and work with people who have grown up being known as “Generation X”, the more I have noticed Godly characteristics that make them ready, capable and made for the missions call. Here are some characteristics that I have found!

We are Experiential Learners

Learners are the best disciples! Let’s take a dive into Scripture. In John 6, Jesus and His disciples arrived at a new city, and a large crowd gathered around them. It says that Jesus asked Philip how they were going to feed these 5,000 hungry people. Philip responded in the natural, “I have no idea; that seems impossible, that would cost so much money.” Then another of Jesus’ disciples, Andrew, saw an opportunity to learn and stepped out. He answered in faith, “Here are two fish and five loaves.” Basically, the way that the passage ends is that no one leaves hungry, but from the beginning I feel like God was trying to emphasize the way we respond. Do we respond in the natural, saying something is impossible, or are we stepping out in faith? The young adults living today are eager to learn and step out! They want to feel and experience life in a way that defines them and shapes them! This is way so many young people are chasing after God.

The more and more I travel, or even meet people from around the world, my personal worldview is deconstructed, and changed. The more I step out, the more my bubble of beliefs is popped. Young adults want this: they want to see different sides of the world that they didn’t grow up with. They are willing to go through the uncomfortable in order to discover and to learn. That is why they are so good at going into all the earth and proclaiming His Name! They desire to learn, to discover and experience life!

We Want Something Real to Come From Our Lives

I think this fact is true for most people, but especially for the younger generation. We want our voice to be heard. We want our actions to create impacts. We want people to change, to have hope and freedom. We have dreams of a better tomorrow, and we are willing to do our part in making it happen. No missionary would ever be formed if they did not want what they did on earth to matter.

We are Willing to Go through Pain to Find Truth

Believe it or not, this generation is not just in it for themselves. We ask questions. We want truth. We are willing to go through hardships and vulnerability to find out whether God is real, and wants to use us.

This makes us amazing missionaries! As God answers our questions, we are willing to go through pain and hardships for others who need their questions answered, and who don’t know how to answer them.

We are Ready to Lose Everything for What We Believe In

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t met a generation that is more sold on shaking up social norms. I came to my Discipleship Training School and stayed without going to college, because I knew the importance of not following, but leading. I came not because of what I would gain, or what it would look like. I came because I knew it was what I was supposed to do, even in the face of people telling me I shouldn’t. I don’t know if you have heard, but being a missionary takes a lot. You lay down your finances, you give up your rights, you don’t get to decide where you are living… you surrender everything. But, it is worth it! Christ is worth it! When we know His value, young people are ready to lose it all for Him!

Youth With A Mission has foundational values that are instilled into everything our base and our fellow bases do. The sixth foundational value is to Champion Young People. It states that YWAM, as a mission, is called to champion, support, equip, make room for, and release young people. They directly state that “Young people are not only the Church of the future; they are the Church of today.” After all, it isn’t what we know that brings us into the Kingdom of God, it’s Who we know!

I will finish with a little nudge from me to you:

If you are a millennial reading this, know that you are ready to step into God’s call. The time is now. Don’t wait for support, or encouragement, wait for the word of the Lord and go when He says go! You were created to change the world!

If you are older, a sender, a parent, or a part of the church body, be encouraged to release your youth! Give them a chance! Learn how God created them, and give them space to learn and step out with what the Lord has called them to do!

If you are interesting in being released into missions or feel like the Lord is tugging on your heart to go deeper with Him for a season, get more information about our Discipleship Training School by clicking “Discover DTS” below!

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The Commitment to Belong: 5 Keys to Thriving in Community

The Commitment to Belong: 5 Keys to Thriving in Community

I have learned that belonging is not something that happens to you; it is a commitment you make to the community God draws you toward. We are each called to belong.

In John 17:22, Jesus is praying for His disciples and for all future believers, “…That they may be one as we are one—I in them and You in Me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.”

To belong is the greatest desire Jesus has always had for you.

“It Is Not Good To Be Alone.”

God had a pattern with making the universe: create things, and then take a step back to look it over and remark proudly, “It is good.” But He broke the pattern when He created man and then saw that he was the only human that existed. He said about Adam’s lonely state in Genesis 2, “It is not good for man to be alone.” We would think that Adam was the last person in humanity to need another person in his life—he had God as his constant companion! Why on earth would he need people? God knew, however, that because Adam was made in the image of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, he was created for more than just one relationship. God decided to make more people to connect not only with Himself, but with each other, because multiple kinds of connections would let us experience the full range of His love. Full connection with God looks like becoming a part of His family—and as we read through the Bible about the ways He commands us to love each other, we see that He believes this is a choice we can make.


What If God Was Right?

What if we were not meant to simply wish we belonged, but it is a reality He has been inviting us into? Maybe the seemingly impossible accomplishment of belonging is more of a choice than we realize; perhaps we can commit to this rather than wait for it to happen to us. Some of us have spent years wanting to belong with a group of people, only to be hurt by others and left with wounds that work to hinder us from having meaningful relationships. But God is the healer of all hurts, even social ones, and this is a healing we actually can choose to receive. From the very beginning, He has created us to belong with Him and others, and to thrive in that belonging. Relationship is a gift from Him!

So how do reach that place where we belong and then thrive within that? Before anything else, we have to set aside the victim mentality and go after the mind of Christ. For some of us, this means maturing beyond the allure of being a misunderstood loner; for others, it means setting aside the self-pity of being always surrounded but always alone. I have lived on both sides of this scenario and have discovered that these two approaches to relationships are, at their core, a fear of man. But what if I told you that God did not actually create any personality to function out of fear this way? That for even the most introverted character, or the most left-out extrovert, He did create you to belong in other people’s lives?


1. Committing to Belong

Here are five personal commitments to belong I have learned from living in both a YWAM community, and most recently in a more widespread environment that requires more intentional relationship-building. Make these commitments to yourself and to the community God is drawing you toward; not only to belong, but to help others belong as well. We live in a world of lost people aching for true connection but addicted to media-driven comparison and loneliness. This is how the body of Christ shines in a world bombarded by false connections: as a family that invites others into our lives to experience real, God-intended belonging.

Commit to fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

This daily commitment must always come before any other. Intimacy with God fills the deepest longing for connection in our heart and is central to every other part of our relational world. Jonathan Helser says, “The God that you see is the man or woman you will be.” If we know who He truly is, then we will know who we truly are. We will not need to look to outside sources such as relationships and accomplishments to reveal our identity because we will already be affirmed by the Father. He longs to grow us into a place where we can be in constant, open conversation with His Spirit. Fear, insecurity, and loneliness melt when His voice chases every other voice away inside of us. Even if He is your only friend right now, you already belong.


2. Commit to personal wholeness: healing, growth, and maturity. 

Matthew 22:39 says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We are actually called to love ourselves, not neglect what’s happening on the inside! If our ability to love others as ourselves is hindered by memories and fears that have wounded us, often wounds from other people, there is just the person for the job. You are so important to Jesus that He sent a friend, the Holy Spirit, to help you become whole. It is His relational commitment to you. Invite the Holy Spirit into your inner world: the conversations you have with yourself, the hurts from your past, the way you see yourself, others, and the Father. Watch how He not only takes you through His process of healing you from the inside, but brings you even further on a journey of growing into a place of maturity where you become like Him in the way you build relationships on the outside. This is how we love ourselves: we allow God to act on His commitment to our wholeness. Then we will no longer belong to the affirmation of others and feel empty inside when we do not receive it. Instead, we will be restored, guided, and empowered by the thoughts of God to be fully ourselves.

3. Commit to trust and to be trustworthy.

From infancy, the foundation of human relationship has always been trust. A community of people that trust one another is a people that are unified in openness and love. This commitment will require you to be vulnerable with some and honest with all. Seek out relationships with other Christians who you can trust processing your heart with, and do the same for them. Ask God to put mentors in your life who have wisdom and experience to counsel you in the steps you are taking toward your relationships, and ask Him for deep friendships where you can open up your heart to people who will cheer you on rather than tear you down.

Be willing to trust the people He places in your life, and be trustworthy in return! This does not mean you expect yourself to be perfect, but to be worthy of trust. Honor your commitments to your relationships; learn how to have healthy conflict and approach relationship blocks head-on rather than gossiping or letting problems grow ignored beneath the surface. Focus on creating a culture in your fellowship with people that allows trust to be at its center. Knowing we can trust and be trusted is one of the fullest ways we feel that we belong. 

4. Commit to having a heart of humility.

Jesus’ life on earth in the Gospels is the model for thriving in every area of our lives, especially when we are in community. Everything He did for His friends, He did out of love, as a servant, and then commanded us to do the same. Humility teaches us how to be comfortable when we are by ourselves and to approach our relationships without an agenda of receiving, but rather an agenda of giving. Have you noticed that we are most often drawn to people who are confident enough in who they are that they can enjoy being around us without the fear of rejection or the need to always be needed? The root of true confidence like this is the kind of humility Jesus displayed toward others. It dissolves so many relationship barriers and broadens our perspective of our role in people’s lives. Choose to discover how God’s calling on your life is not intended for you, but for the benefit of others. You will find out what He has created you to do, that no one else can do, when you choose to belong in a way that is selfless.

5. Commit to intentional relationships.

This final commitment will require you to have the courage to reach out. Choose to come out of retreat mode and the mentality that your most meaningful relationships will simply happen to you; this approach to community is a lesser version of ourselves that eventually leads to isolation and believing the lie that we are unwanted and invisible. You don’t have to know everyone, but you need to get to know someone. As your journey toward personal wholeness allows you to become your true, God-given self, let Him excitedly challenge you to be brave enough to love others in the same way. Look for people who may be outsiders wanting to belong in your community. Invite them into your circle; if you don’t have a circle, perhaps this is how God wants you to create one. Call out the gold you see inside of their personality and their story—being part of a family means being intentional about letting no one who enters your sphere feel left out. Reach out to the ones you admire for their confidence, their ability to make friends easily, rather than distancing yourself out of comparison or self-doubt. Take small steps to be intentional in your relationships and let the Holy Spirit guide you from there.

Intentional, healthy relationships are possible for even the most insecure or socially-wounded of us, because Jesus, the healer of your heart and the Creator of connection, lives inside of you. He makes you able to be more than you are and will empower you to make an impact in the lives of others in a way that shows them they are loved, valued, and wanted in the family of Christ.

Right in this moment, how can you choose to belong?

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11 Things to Know Before You Do Your DTS Outreach

11 Things to Know Before You Do Your DTS Outreach

1. Your Expectations Will Be Shattered

Sometimes we don’t realize we have expectations until they become unmet. Luckily, God’s ways are higher than our own and transcend our own understanding. Over the course of outreach, some of the biggest testimonies will come from moments when you least expect it! Keep your eyes open and your heart set on God! He is still moving no matter what.


2. Communication is Key

Outreach can be stretching at times, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Luckily, you’ll be surrounded by a team of people who care about you and your well-being! Vulnerability and openness open heaven, be honest with your team, and don’t be afraid process everything that’s been going on often.

3. 8 Weeks Goes By In The Blink of an Eye

Did it even happen? Now that I am back in America, outreach feels like a dream. Time flies when you’re  doing The Lord’s work! So BE PRESENT! Enjoy and savor each and every moment of radical living for The Lord. DTS is such a unique season of being poured into as you pour into the World!

4. God Will Show Up

Sometimes, even our weakest ‘yes’ to The Lord’s call is all He needs to work wonders! YWAM Founder, Loren Cunningham, teaches the importance of laying down our own rights and picking up the cross. Outreach is the perfect season to begin fully walking in that way of life! Even when you don’t expect it, have faith that God is using your very presence to shift atmospheres and change lives! We saw healing, miracles, salvations and so many divine appointments – don’t doubt that he wont use you powerfully!

5. Quiet Times Are Critical

During your lecture phase, you’re surrounded by people always ready to pour into you. Outreach is a time when you get to pour out of what you’ve received. Dates with Jesus have never been more important. Make sure you let Jesus fill you up. Everyday. When you feel cranky, dysfunctional, offended, anxious, or even like you need a nap – you probably just need a quiet time! Talk to your best friend about everything – He knows you best anyway!

6. Team Turns To Family

 On outreach, it doesn’t take long for your team to turn into family when you are doing everything together! And I mean EVERYTHING. At one point we didn’t even have a proper door to our only bathroom. There’s nothing like having breakfast to the sound of a teammate throwing up. But seriously, there is nothing like getting to know people as intensely as you do when you are on outreach together. Choose it! Love it! I promise you, you’ll miss it!

7. Less is More

Oh, the mysteries of packing. Less is more; I’ve learned this the hard way! With an overflowing backpack that had to be repacked for every one of our 14 flights, the mystery was solved! Less IS more! You’re supposed to use the same t-shirt three days in a row or every third day if you prefer. So ditch the extra clothes, and leave room for the souvenirs. You won’t use those jeans, or the extra pair of shoes, or even that Costco-sized shampoo bottle. 

8. Culture Shock Happens

It’s really easy to get into your own habits and ways of life in the comfort of your home countries. Once that rhythm gets thrown out of whack, sometimes it’s easy to shut off and shut down. Again, communication with your teammates if you’re feeling culture-shocked is the way to go! Also, find simple ways to connect with the country you are in; let yourself fall in love with the food, and do your best to listen and make connections with locals! Be aware of reverse culture-shock when you get home. Find people to talk to that understand what you have gone to – and be grateful that you have gone through the experiences you’ve been through.

9. Learn to Lead and Be Led

YWAM entirely is rooted upon championing young people to step into their callings. During outreach, it’s important to surrender and trust your leaders with important decisions. But, you’ll also get the opportunity to step into leadership through encouraging for motivating your team. Don’t gossip, don’t be offended, and trust that the Holy Spirit is moving through everyone on your team and your leaders!

10. Boldness Brings Breakthrough

“Since we have this confidence, we can also have great boldness before him, for if we ask anything agreeable to his will, he will hear us.” (1 John 5:14 TPT)

God always has His ear tuned upon our wants and desires, but sometimes He asks us to step out of our comfort zone, be bold and trust His plan! You’ll see the most breakthrough over outreach when you step out in boldness! Obedience + boldness = a success outreach!

11. It’s Not About You

Let God shape your heart, and reveal Himself through you to the rest of the World. A nice bed? Healthy meals? Good team dynamics? Successful ministry? Good instagram pictures? Decent wifi? Is that what you need to serve the Lord joyfully? When you have every comfort taken from you, you really get to know if Jesus is your everything.  After all, it’s not an “in-reach”, it’s an outreach. 

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Just Say YES

Just Say YES

My relationship with God was unstable, inconsistent and lacking in dedication and commitment. I went through high school believing in God some days and doubting Him others. I would get pumped up for Jesus and then the next day fail at what I promised to Him I would do.

James 1:6 describes a person who doubts like a wave in the ocean is being tossed by the wind. I remember hearing that verse and thinking “That’s it! That is exactly how I feel.” I wanted my life to have meaning and for it to be worth something, but I never felt “steady” enough for it to happen.  I prayed prayers like “I want to be all in for you” or “God, give me faith” trying to commit to a relationship with Him, but not being able to hold my end of the deal. Little did I know, God had full intention of answering those “one liner” prayers.

The last couple months of high school, God started asking me some serious questions. He made a move for my heart. He needed to know I would be ready to do what He wanted me to do.

“Are you ready to surrender everything to me?”

When he asked me this question, it was in the context of my future after high school. I had been accepted into 5 different Engineering schools, and had multiple scholarships available to cover most of my costs. Yet, God had other plans. He asked me again, “Are you ready to surrender your future to me?”

Surrender isn’t about what makes sense. Surrendering your life to Jesus and laying down your right to make up your own decisions about the future, didn’t seem logical. He made it clear that it wasn’t my responsibility to figure out what I had to do with my life. It was my job to get close to the Father in any way I could, and trust that God would figure out the rest for me.

I remember, sitting on my knees with my hand open towards heaven. I was defenseless, I put down all my walls. Even though I was scared, even though I didn’t know what was going to happen. I answered His question.

I whispered, “yes.”

I gave him my future. I gave him my talents. I gave him my finances. I even gave him my family. Anything and everything that would get in the way of following Him, had to go. The real funny thing about the way God’s kingdom works, is that you can only find yourself if you die to yourself. God doesn’t reward you for holding on to things, he rewards those who give. The only way we can be first, is if we are last. That’s the definition of surrender.

Letting God have control of your life is one of the essences of the gospel. When you have an honest revelation of what Jesus has done for you, surrendering your life to Him is less about what you lose and always about what you are gaining: intimacy with Jesus.

Christ overcame sin, and went to hell and back to prove His unfailing love to us.

From that place of knowing what God did for us, we can easily surrender our lives to Him. It starts with a yes.

It starts with opening your arms, kneeling as an act of humility and saying yes to whatever He has planned. It means giving up your dreams to Him. It means giving up your feelings of hurt and pain from your past.

There have been tests in my life, where God has brought me to places with a choice. The question He always comes back to is still, “will you surrender everything to me?” He puts these checkpoints in my life to help me understand what and who I am living for. Never for a second do I want to go about my life, pretending that I have control over my life. Believe me – I absolutely make mistakes. I 100% forget the purpose, and lose grip on what I am living for. God is always faithful to remind me, to bring me humbly to a place with my hands open, on my knees, with nothing except a simple ‘yes’ to what he has for me.

A new song released by Steffany Gretzinger explains it perfectly. “Sometimes my very best is only my weakest yes.” That is all God needs.

Where are you in the process? Have you surrendered to God? Have you given up everything? Let him challenge you today and make Himself Lord in your life. It doesn’t take any amount of skill or ability to just say yes and trust that your surrender will be enough for God to use you.

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